Our Story

Why Yanaah?

There is so much our planet has to offer us to live well, be well and think well. Yanaah is your gateway to the beauty & gifts that nature keeps giving.

We exist to evoke the senses, we exist to inspire wellbeing, we exist to simply spread the joy of being.

We do all that through our products, our services and  our people.


Tanveer Huseni Dharmajwala
Yasmine Adem

What we care about


Our planet and our senses are gifts that just keep giving. The abundance of nature’s gifts only means there is more than enough for everyone to enjoy. We want people all over the world to easily have access to those gifts in ways that bring in joy.


To experience Nature’s gifts, its authenticity is really important. All that we offer on Yanaah are genuine products sourced directly from nature, handpicked and energetically powered to amplify the properties of the products.


Yes, we want you to love what you buy whether it's a gift to yourself or to someone you love. You know that the cuddly kind that tickles you on the inside and gives you baby butterflies in your belly.