7 Chakra Triangle Pendulum


These gorgeous 7 chakra crystals are a powerhouse of energy that help us open, cleanse and, balance the chakras for energy to flow freely. Using these 7 beautiful crystals together offers the benefits of each promoting health, mental calm and prosperity in life. This crystal can support its user to gain stability in health, finance and mental well being.

The Chakras are known as the energy houses in our bodies where energy travels through them to keep us alive and well. These wheels of energy are essential to keep balanced, clear and nurtured for our bodies feeling  full of energy, centered and grounded.

Stimulating the chakras using these 7 crystals together they improve our creativity, intelligence, mental health, self - respect, etc. They support releasing fear and anxiety and they also invite emotional and physical balance.

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The 7 Chakra Stones
    • 7th Amethyst (violet) for Crown
    • 6th Lapis (indigo) for Third-Eye
    • 5th Blue Agate (Blue) for Throat
    • 4th Aventurine (Green) for Heart
    • 3rd Citrine (yellow) for Solar Plexus
    • 2nd Carnelian (Orange) for Sacral
    • 1st Red Jasper (Red) for Root


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7 Chakra Triangle Pendulum