Life Scripting

What is Life Scripting?

Life Scripting is a holistic healing and manifestation modality. It is based on four principles: Breath – Energy – Intuition – Words. A technique that is used to heal and empower oneself, and pave the way to reach self-mastery.

The modality developed by Maria Leonard through her rapid evolutionary process searching for answers, an objective understanding of life and how to make our day to day life a pleasurable fulfilling one by breaking free from limitations and restrictions of the mind has led her to integrate the tools she has used herself for years in her most difficult times in life, and thus seen instant changes in her clients’ lives.

This modality is a key, a tool to  a greater life that helps you understand unanswered questions and see, feel, know and sense the great intelligence we are part of and have within us. Your gifts, talents, dreams and desires will be refined and manifested in the best version possible and your awareness will expand to new heights you did not know it existed.


Through each principle the power of breath, energy, intuition, and words you are working holistically on your mind, body, energy and soul. In Maria’s humble opinion, life scripting a drop in the vast ocean of eternal existence which has the ability to connect you to infinite intelligence and infinite manifestation.

Instead of managing unhealthy emotions and thoughts, you get to eliminate them to live a healthy, abundant and joyful life.

You gain confidence and knowledge in understanding yourself, your soul journey and how you show up into the world. You discover and upgrade your talents, gifts and purpose on mother earth.

You no longer feel restricted nor a victim to your past and genetics. Your energetic DNA gets transformed to vibrate with a higher level of consciousness and be in harmony with the 5D dimensional grid of planet earth.

Whether you are willing to expand your spiritual understanding of life, or consciously manifest your heart’s desire Life Scripting opens the path for you.

It is an invitation to open up your minds and heart to experience human life passionately and compassionately.