Year of you

Every year, we all make commitments that this is the year I will get fit, this will be the year I will eat healthy, or meditate every day, and so on. So we’ve taken the innate human desire to take advantage of big dates to make a change and invite you to use this year as the year you accomplish commit to taking care of you…

Alchemy of Emotions

Our emotions like music is energy in motion. It leads us to act, behave and move in many conscious and unconscious ways. Throughout our day our emotions and feelings keep shifting, changing throughout each moment, affecting how we feel and how we function….

Your blocks unlocked

This weekly workshop dives in 30 different areas of life exploring where we are blocked – unresolved traumas, stuck anger, hidden resentment, abundance barriers, and so much more…

Discovering your gifts

An online intimate workshop where we hold space for each participant gets to meet and know their inner gift, the innate talents each of is is born with. In knowing your talents you also immediately understand your purpose…